Thursday, August 1, 2013

Daniel Pelka

Daniel Pelka
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    BBC News
    1. Sky News ‎- 29 minutes ago
      The Deputy PM asks how the abuse of the four-year-old could have been missed as a serious case review investigates the case.
  2. Daniel Pelka: Mum And Partner Guilty Of Murder - Sky News
    15 hours ago - The court heard the four-year-old was left looking like a "concentration camp victim" after being starved and punished.
  3. Daniel Pelka: MP Slams School Over Death - Sky News
    8 hours ago - Children's services and the young boy's school are criticised for putting " bureaucracy before common sense and compassion".
  4. Daniel Pelka's Mother Was 'A Good Girl' - Sky News
    4 hours ago - The mother of Magdelena Luczak, convicted of murdering her son Daniel Pelka, says social services failed to protect her grandson.
  5. Daniel Pelka: pair convicted of starving and murdering helpless four ... › NewsUK NewsCrime
    9 hours ago - A mother and stepfather who starved and tortured their four-year-old son before eventually battering him to death have been found guilty of his ...
  6. BBC News - Daniel Pelka: Sibling hid food for starved boy
    11 hours ago - Force-fed salt, held under water till unconscious and regularly beaten, Daniel Pelka's life was one of "extreme cruelty" in the run up to his death, ...
  7. BBC News - Daniel Pelka murder: Mother and partner found guilty
    7 hours ago - A mother and stepfather are found guilty of murdering her four-year-old son Daniel Pelka, who had been beaten and starved.
  8. Starved, beaten, poisoned: The tragic death of four-year-old Daniel ... › NewsUKCrime
    21 hours ago - A couple who battered the woman's four-year-old son and left him to die in a locked, unheated box room have been convicted of murder.
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  10. Daniel Pelka: Mother and stepfather found guilty of murdering ...
    16 hours ago - Daniel Pelka was forced to scavenge food from school bins and steal from classmates in Coventry because he was so hungry.
  11. Murder of 4-year-old Daniel Pelka may bring life sentences for ... › World
    16 hours ago - Birmingham: Numerous opportunities to save little Daniel Pelka were missed. He was extremely thin, he stole food in school and he suffered ...
  12. Daniel Pelka trial: Timeline of events leading to death of schoolboy ...
    18 hours ago - Magdelena Luczak and Mariusz Krezolek have been found guilty of murdering the four-year-old, who was subjected to a six-month campaign ...

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